Kid E-Lit exhibition

Nordic interactive children and youth literature apps

The Kid E-Lit exhibition offers exciting e-reading experiences for children and youth. The selection includes Nordic multimodal and interactive literature applications for tablet computers, artefacts from the history electronic literature as well as e-books made by children. Kid E-Lit is curated by an international group of professionals, and has been on show in the libraries of Bergen, Roskilde and Aarhus during 2015 and 2016. This exhibition, with some local additions, toured three cities in Finland during autumn 2016: Helsinki Töölö library, Jyväskylä main library and Tampere main library Metso. In Tampere the exhibition was part of the Nordic E-Stories seminar on 7.-8.11. 2016.



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Kid E-Lit is on display at the institute’s library, and can be visited at opening hours.
A limited version of the exhibition is available for rent.



kidelit_logo_mvFor more information, please contact:
Aino-Maria Kangas
Event coordinator
The Finnish Institute for Children’s Literature
tel. +358 3 31418414