Nordic E-Stories

In Tampere 7.-8.11.2016

Information on Nordic e-stories seminar in Finnish.

The international seminar Nordic E-stories by Finnish Institute for Children’s Literature looked into the digitalization of children’s literature. As new ways of reading emerge, the literature industry of Nordic countries strives to adjust to the challenges posed by the ongoing digitalization. Nordic E-Stories seminar gathered professionals from home and abroad to Tampere during 7th and 8th of November 2016.
The lecturers consisted of Finnish and international researchers, educators, makers as well as experts from publishing and libraries. The international quests included Lucas Ramada Prieto (University of Barcelona), researching digitalized literature in school environments, Scott Rettberg (University of Bergen), who has studied the digitalizing process of children’s literature in Nordic countries, and Lissa Holloway-Attaway (University of Skövde), a researcher in the Swedish methodology.
The Kid E-Lit exhibition was part of the seminar program.

Location: Tampere Main Library Metso, Pirkankatu 2


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Videoed lectures:

Martin Campostrini
Martin Campostrini, Roskilde Library: Children’s E-lit – What is it good for?
Lucas Ramada Prieto, Barcelona University: An Exploratory Research on Kid’s E-Lit Reading Profiles







Merete Pryds Helle: New Perspectives on Digital Learning. How Can Interactivity Be Integrated in the Narrative.
Scott Rettberg, University of Bergen: How Genres of Electronic Literature Inform New Reading Experiences for the Young