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Now you have a chance to enjoy the treasures of the illustrations collection on the walls of your home or office. The poster collection includes Sari Tainola’s, Hannu Taina’s, Camilla Mickwitz’, Riitta Uusitalo’s and Maija Karma’s illustrations. Please be acquainted also with the collection of our previous posters.

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Hannu Taina: Uppo-nalle.


The cards collection is based for the most part on the works of the illustrations collection of the Finnish Institute for Children’s Literature. It includes different themes, amongst other things, from Maija Karma, Camilla Mickwitz and Maija-Kaarina Nenonen. Cards collection from modern Finnish illustrators includes illustrations from Katri Kirkkopelto, Mika Launis and Kristiina Louhi.

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Illustration by Maija-Kaarina Nenonen.









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