Summary: Onnimanni 3b/2018

Onnimanni 3b/2018.

With this supplement issue, Onnimanni celebrates The Finnish Institute for Children’s Literature’s 40th anniversary.  Compiled by the editor-in-chief and the Institute’s staff, this number features children’s and YA books published in 2018 through interviews, recommended reading and book lists.

In the editorial, co-ordinator of the “Lastenkirjat esiin!” -project Aino-Maria Kangas presents the website that will open in spring 2019. The portal will gather and present Finnish literature for young people of various ages in an accessible manner.

Interesting authors/illustrators, phenomena and events related to youth literature are presented in brief interviews and articles.

For the past years, Karoliina Pertamo has created many picturebooks for toddlers. Sanna Pelliccioni describes the challenges and possibilities she faced when making her wordless picturebook Meidän piti lähteä (S&S 2018).

Kaisa Laaksonen’s article reminds us that children who are able to read also profit from being read aloud to. Accomplished children’s writer Tapani Bagge and illustrator Carlos da Cruz have launched a new series of historical children’s novels called Apassit (Karisto).

Lotta Luukila presents the Lukuklaani-project, from which all Finnish secondary schools can order a set of 100 books free of charge next year. Luukila stresses the importance of listening to young people’s opinions when discussing the decrease in their interest in reading. Luukila and Aino-Maria Kangas also report an increase in the popularity of YA-books visible at the Hel YA! .event arranged in Helsinki this September.

Translation: Maria Lassén-Seger