Host: Aleksis Salusjärvi

Aleksis Salusjärvi

The seminar is hosted by Aleksis Salusjärvi, a cultural journalist and critic in television, radio and print media. He also works as a teacher in various educationl levels, this autumn teaching reading skills at technical trade schools.




Nordic E-Stories Monday 7.11.2016


Scott Rettberg, University of Bergen (Norway)

Scott Rettberg. Kuva: Henrik BeckHow Genres of Electronic Literature Inform New Reading Experiences for the Young. Scott Rettberg is a professor of digital culture in the department of linguistic, literary, and aesthetic studies at the University of Bergen. He has contributed to several e-book related projects, both as a researcher and an author.

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Merete Pryds Helle (Denmark)

Merete Pryds Helle. Kuva: Thomas A.New perspectives of digital learning. How can interactivity be integrated in the narrative? Merete Pruds Helle is a Danish fiction writer who has produced digital literature since 1998. She (et al.) published the acclaimed Wuwu & Co., a literature application for children in 2014.

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Lissa Holloway-Attaway, University of Skövde (Sweden)

lissahollowayattawayKLUB: creating a transmedial heritage experience for children in Sweden. Lissa Holloway-Attaway is a digital media practitioner and researcher with an interest in experimental narrative and storytelling across a range of media and genres. Currently she is an Associate Professor in Media Arts, Aesthetics and Narration at the University of Skövde.






Samuli Jakobsson, Kids Media, Sanoma Media Finland

samulijakobssonSamuli Jakobson has comprehensive experience on developing the media field midst the digital revolution. Currently he is in charge of the digital sector of Sanoma Kids Media. He was one of the developers of Lasten Oma Satukirjasto, a digital reading service of Finnish and translated children’s literature.






Mikko Aarne, Kosmos (Finland)

Mikko Aarne. Photo: Miikka Pirinen

Publisher Mikko Aarne has for long worked in various publishing houses. He established the  e-book service Readberry.fi and is currently developing the next generation publishing house Kosmos.






Harri Ketamo, HeadAI (Finland)


Harri Ketamo is an entrepreneur and a researcher. Currently he develops AI based solutions for information overload and inefficiency in information work.  Two of his previous companies, SkillPixels and GameMiner, work in the game industry.




Tuomas Sorjamaa, Kaiken Publishing

tuomas_sorjamaaTuomas Sorjamaa is a media professional and the Licensing & Acquisitions Manager at Kaiken Publishing. Previously he has worked in several publishing houses. Kaiken Publishing is a content accelerator specializing in transmedia storytelling.





Eliisa Vainikka, University of Tampere

ev_kuvaEliisa Vainikka, MA, is a doctoral student at the School of Communination, Media and Theatre at University of Tampere. Her doctoral thesis is focused on web discussions about intimate citizenship and life politics. Previously she has studied reading habits and media usage of young adults as well as their use of images in social media.







Ronja Salmi

Ronja Salmi. Kuvaaja Emmi KähkönenRonja Salmi has worked as a screenwriter and editor for several television programmes directed for young audiences. She has also written three youth fiction novels. Her social media company Ryöväri Oy is specialized in content production. Salmi has been referred to as ”the expert of youth”, and she is quick to pick up on the trends and status quo of social media environments.



Samuel Shipway

Samuel ShipwaySamuel Shipway is a boy of 15 years from Lempäälä. He is a daily user of social media, which plays a great role in his life. Think of any social media service, and he probably has an account there. Mostly he uses Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.  At the social media panel he represents the youth, and he finds social media a good place to promote reading habits. The era of paper books might be over and the time of digital reading just beginning though!







Nordic E-Stories Tuesday 8.11.2016


Martin Campostrini, Library of Roskilde (Denmark)

martincampostriniChildren’s E-lit – What Is It Good For? Experiences with Poetry Machines and Children’s E-Literature in the Library. At Roskilde Libraries, Martin Campostrini has been developing the field of digital literature as a library service: exhibitions, interaction designs and Poetry Machines.

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Lucas Ramada Prieto, University of Barcelona (Spain)

lucasramadaprieto-300x189Reading Apps. An exploratory Research on Children’s electronic literature reading profiles. Ramada Prieto is finishing his doctoral thesis on Children and Young Adults electornic literature and literary education. He coordinates GRETEL’s Digital Literature for children -website.

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Marja Hjelt (Finland)

marjahjelt-300x300The challenges of children’s e-literature in libraries. Marja Hjelt is a library professional with a special interest in digital media. For the past few years, she has been developing the distribution of digital media for Finland’s public libraries, while researching the acquisition of e-books in libraries for her doctoral thesis.







Hanna Pöyliö, Niilo Mäki Institute (Finland)

hannapoylioMA, researcher Hanna Pöyliö works as project manager at Nilo Mäki Institute’s project for supporting the development of language skills and reading.








Ilmi Villacis, Lukukeskus (Finland)

Ilmi VillacísNew literacy –results of children’s digital reading and a digital reading diploma.








Pirjo Kulju, Tampereeen yliopisto (Finland)

Pirjo Kulju

Pirjo Kulju works as a lecturer at the educational unit of Tampere University. Her approach is on multiliteracy and the interperetation and production processes of multimodal texts, especially regarding schools.








Johanna Hildén, KM, Tampereen yliopiston normaalikoulu

johanna-hildenJohanna Hildén has made a long career in elementary teaching. Besides giving children a good start for their school years, she works at teacher training. Her own class of 27 pupils in heir 2nd grade is located at Muotiala, Tampere.